END of Year Dance Recital 2019

June 15th

St. Pauls H.S. Bristol, CT

1001 Stafford Ave, Bristol, CT 06010

Ticket Information

Time left before tickets are no longer sold online

General Seating $22.00
VIP Tickets $32 (VIP tickets are only sold online)

VIP Includes​

  1. Voucher for bottled water

  2. Bag of chips

  3. Name listed in the program book  

Tickets at the Door $25  (After June 12th 9:00 p.m.)
*Price includes, ticketing fee's, and Credit card fee's

Tickets are Sale online Until June 12th 9:00 pm

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Event Information

This information is for All Dancers, if you take classes at Nutmeg, this information is for you 

Important Upcoming Events

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May 5th       Recital Tickets go on sale

May 10th     Order Deadline, Trophy's                               flowers, T-shirt, Stuff animals,                       and Ads 

May 29th.    On stage Rehearsal

June 2nd     Picture day

June 14th    Dress Rehearsal on stage

June 15th    Dance Recital (Dance on Demand)


Copy of the 2019 Dance Recital Booklet is available in your Parent Portal, or you can get a physical copy at the studio to follow along.

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Recital Gifts (Due by May 10th)

Time left before tickets are no longer sold online

Can be purchased in the NutmegPAC Store Online, filling out a form in the back of the Recital Handbook,
or stopping at the front desk,
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Login into the App to Order

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Recital Ads (Due by May 10th)
If you would like to purchase an Ad for the program (business or personal), please Email NutmegPAC@Gmail.com for more information
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T- Shirt Orders

Order Form


Click on the PDF page to the left to download the Order form

If you want to Order a Recital T-Shirt, it's due by 5/10/2019

Click here to Order the Recital T-Shirt

T-Shirt orders are due by May 25th for pickup one June 7th


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